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Our Lady of GaudalupeWhen Lisa from Viva Pops approached me about creating an identity for her business she already had a clear vision of what she wanted and it was my job to execute it. Viva Pops makes popsicles and are inspired by the festive colors and flavors of traditional Mexican-style pops called “paletas.” Knowing this, and armed with a rough sketch from her, we were going to play off the vibrance of traditional Mexican folk art, especially the Virgin of Gaudalupe and other saint imagery focusing on the aura surrounding these saints.

Viva Popsicle

Lisa knew she wanted the aura behind the pop. So step one was to come up with an iconic representation of this idea. We came up with an Illustrator line drawing depicting an aura in brilliant colors with a classic lime paleta in the foreground.

Next we needed to select some typography. We’re dealing with popsicles, which are fun and appeal to families and foodies alike, so with that in mind Lisa already had some fonts in mind that were playful. Cheri ended up fitting the bill nicely, and with the added bonus that the Viva Textbusiness URL was, we could play off the heart motif contained in the font in the storefront signage for the front window and in the website design. Another plus with the typography was we could use it stand alone, on the pop, or next to the pop and it would be great for the store front signage as just lettering above the door.

Viva Pops Storefront LogoNext we had to put the typography and the aura pop together for the window signage. The window signage would be the most detailed with embellishments you just can’t do on a business card or on letterhead. By only sourcing organic and local produce, the business emphasizes the quality of its ingredients that go into each pop. Playing off that we added some imagery of common pop ingredients such as basil, strawberries, watermelon, and peaches. Add the tagline fresh, natural, local, yummy and were just about there. A few hearts and flowers to fill the gaps and we’re done.
Shop Interior
Shop Interior
Viva Pops Storefront

Store Front Window
Store Front Window

Viva Pops Website

The Viva Pops identity is carried over to the website. Elements of the logo are the cornerstone of the website design. Vibrant color and the Cheri font in the headers and the menu give the site an edge of fun. The mural in the shop interior is so awesome that it needed to be incorporated somehow. Works pretty nicely as a background without overly distracting the eye.

Viva Pops

Looking Forward

Viva Pops BrandingNothing remains static. Styles and taste change. Luckily the core foundation of Viva Pops design elements are solid enough to be molded to the latest design trends. When Lisa wanted a new business card it was the perfect time to rethink how the logo could be presented. It also had us thinking how the site could be presented for Mobile.

Viva Pops future itself is looking bright. They are now in Whole Foods and they will be at the Coachella music festival giving tasty relief to thousands of sweltering music fans. “Rock Out with Your Pop Out!”

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